Bringing my craft to yours.

Clipfin Mechanical brings extensive skill in machinery troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair, crafted through Sandy Cameron's years of vessel operation, to resolve your critical system problems.

Is your aging equipment suffering intermittent failures? Inconsistent operation? Contact me to discuss your concerns regarding your equipment’s maintenance and repair, both immediate and future preventative.

As an engineer I have over 25 years of experience bringing neglected and worn systems back from the brink of failure and refreshing them with new purpose and extended service life.


  • Internal combustion engines
  • Steam generators and water heaters
  • Piping systems and components
  • Couplings, alignment, bearings
  • Motors
  • Pumps, seals
  • Machinery electrical monitoring and control systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • HVAC mechanical / control / distribution
  • Hydraulic motors, pumps, cylinders, controls
  • Pneumatic compressors, motors, cylinders, controls

Clipfin Mechanical will groom your equipment to proper condition and/or provide regular maintenance service so you can focus your effort on enjoying the art of perfecting your product.

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